ATeensy 3.6 (microcontroller)sparkfun.comDEV-14058134
BOp-Amp (LM358)sparkfun.comCOM-0945631
CResistor kitamazon.comElegoo 17 Values110
DCapacitor kitsparkfun.comKIT-1369817
EBreadboard (solderless)adafruit.com23916
FDC barrel jack adaptersparkfun.comPRT-1081111
GJumper wire kitsparkfun.comPRT-0012417
H18V (+) DC wall adapteramazon.comDunlop ECB004115
IBNC male to screw terminal connectorparts-express.com090-10641
I'BNC female to screw terminal connector (some prefer this gender)parts-express.com090-10841
JTLE 2426 rail splitter ICmouser.com595-TLE2426IP12
KUSB Micro B cablesparkfun.comCAB-1324412


A       Teensy 3.6 can be purchased both with and without header pins already attached. Buy the one with pins.

B       Each LM358 contains two separate op-amps. Other op-amps would also work, but make sure you buy enough: you’ll need at least five.

C       This is a resistor assortment pack. It’s convenient if a bit wasteful. These are fairly ordinary resistors; substituting resistors you happen to have in your lab will probably work fine.

D       Same comment as for C, but with the word “capacitor” substituted for “resistor.”

E       This is a full-size solderless breadboard. You can also put the system together on a solder-able breadboard or a perf board.

F       This adapter has pins that fit snugly into the breadboard, but you can use any kind of barrel adapter.

G       An assortment pack of wire to connect things. You can use 22 AWG solid core wire instead.

H       This particular adapter has a positive outer shell and a negative inner pin. Other wall adapters have the opposite polarity. Make sure you know which you have before connecting anything else.

I       The connectors offer a simple, inexpensive way to connect the system to the BNC ports of typical DAQ boards and patch clamp amplifiers.

J       This is a standard and widely-used rail splitter IC.

K       This cable connects the Teensy 3.6, which has a 5-pin Micro  B USB input, to the USB port of a computer.